Valuable insights from the Shape Up book


The Shape Up Book details how the folks at 37 Signals handle project management, shipping new products and adding new features and everything else in between.

What I learnt

  1. Experiment to find out what works best for you.

  2. Once you have determined what methods are effective for you, increase the frequency of using them and make the necessary modifications.

  3. While traditional and well-known systems may sound appealing and get a lot of attention, it's important to consider whether they actually work for you in your daily life.

Major takeaways

  1. To successfully ship a product, it is necessary to make tough choices about what to include and what to leave out.

  2. Trying to fix everything before shipping is impossible.

  3. Prioritizing unknown problems should take precedence.

  4. It's important to acknowledge that there will always be more work than time.

  5. Meeting deadlines means accepting some level of imperfection in the final product.

What is being used day-to-day

A slightly modified idea of "scoping the work" is being used.
In Rumblr, only one feature is worked on at a time.


The book was full of insights.
It will be useful as a reference.